Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jan 22- Email Home

So its been a pretty crazy week. 

We have four family fun nights in the four days!

Just so everyone knows and isn't confused, a Family Fun Night is a FHE setting, with the missionaries. We have been told by President Riggs to get as many of these as possible. The missionaries are supposed to bring a 5-10 minute Spiritual Thought, and the Family is supposed to prepare the activity, which is anything except going to the movie theaters, and anything that would disrupt the Spirit.

Friday, we had a family fun night with the G family, A less-active part member family. We had shown up at 6:00PM (the arranged time) and we had a dinner at 7:00Pm with a different family. When we walked into their home, we smelled delicious breakfast food. Elder G and I eyed each other with the "oh no" look, but walked in anyway. We called our dinner appointment and told them we were going to be late (which they were totally fine with). We enjoyed breakfast for dinner and then we watched Despicable Me 1. We ran over to our dinner appointment soon afterward and then ate more food (Heavenly Father answers prayers!!!!!!!!).

Saturday, we had a family fun night with the W Family. Elder K and Elder S were supposed to come but ended up getting caught in a lesson, so they weren't able to show up. We played Super Smash Bros (of course I kicked butt ;) ) and then we played Liars Dice.

Monday, we ate dinner and had a nonmember at the F family’s house. Her name is K and she is a Senior in high school. We had a Family Fun Night after dinner with her and the family and it went really well. She is a potential investigator, and we can't wait to meet with her. Right now its finals week so we were going to try and meet with her sometime next week.

After the F family, Elder G and I got the impression to go to the W's house. We've been working with GW  (a Junior, who is in our ward) and we have grown really close to him. Anyway, we went over on Monday night, just to say Hi and to check on him. They invited us in and we ended up watching Atlantis! I haven't seen that show in forever. The thought was well received, and it was quite enjoyable.

We weren't able to meet with S this week, Sadly. But the good news is that she got a full time job!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited for her! We have always had the feeling that once she got a more stable situation, that she would be able to progress so much faster!

Elder K didn't break anything this week... haha! Surprisingly! It was a good week.

Yesterday, we went to the D.C. Temple! It is so beautiful! I love that temple. We also got to see the new movie that was released like a week ago! Awesome right? The Spirit was really strong. I really do have a testimony of the power of temple work!

On the way over to the library today, we saw a lady shoveling her driveway. Oh, did I mention that it snowed?! Like a ton?! It was crazy! I think we have 5 inches here, at least! Anyway, we offered to shovel it for her and we were able to talk to her for a good 30 minutes about church, and religion and the Gospel! Her name is V, and we can't wait to meet with her sometime. We have her number and she has ours. We are planning to go shovel it tomorrow because it is supposed to snow again on Thursday.

I know this Church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and the Redeemer. He paid the price so that we can return to our Heavenly Father again, if we come unto Him. He can help us through our trials. I know that prayers are answered, as long as we have faith, and as long as we are willing to act upon the answer. Our Heavenly Father loves us. 

I love all of you!
-Elder Dexton Armstrong

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