Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014 - Email Home- 5 Month Mark!

Man, this week has been a hectic one! We've had some really cool experiences! Right now, I'm on exchanges with Elder Capt-(from our stake)! He's my Zone Leader, and so we have the opportunity to go on exchanges! He is so awesome!

I am so glad that everything is going pretty well at home! Man, all of my siblings are growing up!

This week, we put S on date for Baptism on March 1st! We are so excited! (She is our turkish investigator)!

I gave a talk on Sunday! One of the speakers called the Bishopric on Friday and was sick, so the Bishopric called me and Elder H (He's an Elder Serving in our ward). We talked with a Sister Missionary who just came home! We were able to talk about the Atonement and Missionary Work. There was a family who attended Sacrament Meeting because Elder H was speaking! It was great for them to hear!

Thursday we had a major snowstorm and were able to do a ton of service! (Yes I stayed warm) We had some great contact with a ton of people! With 10" of Snow, in a culture that isn't used to it, people became more accepting to hear the gospel, or at least to know more about who we are! We have a new family to teach because of it!

We also have a family who is now investigating the Gospel who are sincere seekers of truth. They are the R family, and its an interfaith home where the husband, He is muslim and the wife is Catholic. They are a really great family though, and they really want to read the Book of Mormon!

During the snow storm we walked everywhere! It was great, but we didn't get to travel very far!

Friday we had Zone Conference! So from 8:00AM-5:00PM we were in meetings and what not. We got catered by Cafe Rio! After the Zone Conference, we went out and blitzed! What that means is we went out for the single purpose of getting as many copies of the Book of Mormon to people! (The whole zone did this). Our companionship got out 4 of them! Which was great on Valentine's Day night! We were excited!
-did you make it to the temple yesterday?  Sounds like lots of missionaries were there so I wondered.We are only allowed to go once every 6 months to the temple, so we weren't able to go on yesterday, even though it was open. Lots of missionaries went though!

-Ohhh....are you exercising?  besides the bikes which I understand is exercise, but more than that?
I do excercise every morning, or at least I try to. Its gotten harder and harder each morning, as I'm struggling for lack of sleep, but I still try my best to at least do some yoga with the other Elders.

-what is different about your area/ward in the new place.
-How's the new comp?
I am absolutely loving Elder W! He is such a great guy, and we get along really well! This area has a lot more people home, and a lot more people out and about! Belmont Ridge was extremely quiet compared to this area!

-Did you get our package? 
I did get your package! Thank you so much! I absolutely loved all of it, especially Aleia's drawing!

-Will you try to make trips to the cool places you are by on your pdays?  Holy cow!  you are so close.  Go explore!!!!We want to try, but our p-days are pretty filled! We have a lot to do and so little time, but we are actually planning on getting a whitehouse tour and a D.C. tour soon!

-You think you'll be able to check out the farmers market on Saturdays?Its possible! I'd have to ask President though, because it doesn't neccessarily fulfill our purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ, but it might be a good opportunity to meet plenty of people!

-Are you teaching more in this new area?  It seems as though you are out with invesitgators more.Yes! We have so many new and potential investigators! It is great! They call this Zone, "Miracle McLean" for a reason!

-What is your typical day there like?Excercise, Breakfast, Study, Teach, travel, lunch, teach, travel, dinner, teach, travel, teach, travel, apartment, bed. Haha!

I know this Church is true. I know that I'm out here for a reason! Christ knows us personally! Please, read Alma 7:11-14. It is a great section of scripture! I love you all!
-Elder Dexton J. Armstrong

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Special Email From a Member

I thought I would add this in b/c it helps you see what Elder Armstrong is doing when teaching. This is an email that was sent to me from a wonderful sister back in Falls Church, VA.  The Church is true and worth the sacrifice to do what we know we should be doing!  

Feb 16, 2014
Hi Sister Armstrong and Family,

Tonight, Elder Armstrong and his companion joined me and my boyfriend (who is not a member) for dinner.  I took a picture of them (see attached) so you know that he is being taken care of!  I also sent home leftovers with them so they have a meal on a night when they may not have a dinner appointment.  Your son shared a beautiful message about the Savior's love for each of us, and how He is able to understand and relate to us in our trials and obstacles.  He and his companion used the scripture Alma 7:11-12.  There was a strong spirit as they shared this message and they invited my boyfriend to take the discussions...my boyfriend is open to it but still processing.  He may not take the discussions now, but a seed was definitely planted tonight.  It was fun to chat with them during dinner as well.  He is a happy guy.  :) Enjoy the picture!

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10 - Email Home - 1st Transfer!

So this was a crazy week! Everything from transfers, to movies, to new families!

So the beginning of this week was pretty sad. Because President Riggs had informed me that I was leaving, I was able to talk to pretty much everyone I wanted to say goodbye to. The hardest were Sister A (she's the one that had helped us teach S in her home. She pretty much became my Grandma and closest friend in Belmont Ridge) and the S family.

I am now transferred to the Falls Church Ward! To send packages or write snail mail, my new address is:
132 Chanel Terrace, Apt 104,
Falls Church, VA 22046

The area is different than what I'm used to! Its like a mix of downtown SLC and Provo. Lots of little shops everywhere with the occasional high-rise building! My companion is Elder W and he is from Seattle, Washington. We get along pretty well!

So at transfers, President Riggs got permission to watch "The Sarratov Approach". Oh my gosh. That movie was amazing. I strongly encourage everyone to see it, both members and non-members! The whole mission attended and watched it.

I am still a Technology Specialist! There are now four of us and Elder W and I, are two of them. Elder G (my last comp) and Elder L (he came out with me) are the other two! We are all excited to be the Tech Specialists.

My first night here, we met a family from Togo! They have two kids. They are so ready for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! There is a slight language barrier, but we were able to teach them the Restoration and leave two BoMs for them!

On Friday, we taught a lady named S. She's turkish, and she doesn't speak a lick of english! So we have to get a translator to help us out. Thankfully, the Lord has blessed us with a ward that has many foreign service people, so we get a lot of different language speakers in our ward! She is amazing! She's so sweet and she is totally ready to fully except the Gospel, save one thing. She struggles with the authority part. She's been already baptized in a different religion, so we are trying to by-pass the language barrier and help her understand that part of the Gospel.

Sunday was crazy! We had ward council at 9AM and Church at 1PM. We made the decision to stay at church and just study there. Church was different, but the doctrine was the same. That's what I love about our church. No matter where you go, the Spirit will be there, and you don't get different doctrine then you would anywhere else! After Church, the Spanish Elders were having a baptism at 6:30 so we helped set up. By the time we left it was 8:00 PM. We spent 11 hours at the church!

This week has been really different, but the Spirit has been here! I'm really grateful for the Holy Ghost and its companionship. I am so glad that Heavenly Father has given that to us. It truly is the greatest gift. I am so grateful that we can have it constently if we are living worthy!

I am also very grateful for the Savior and his Atonement. It is amazing.

I love you all!
-Elder Armstrong

Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 3rd 2014 - Email Home

This week has been an interesting week. Its had a lot of unexpected twists!

First, I'm being transferred this week, so please don't send me any mail, or it'll be awhile before I get it. By next Monday, everyone should be clear to send me mail to a new address that I'll send out.

Second, we have two new investigators that will be in this area! Their names are R, and K. The Sisters in the Singles Ward tracted into R. He's a 14 year old kid that is dating a Less-Active youth in our ward. I don't know his story, but Elder G and his new comp will be teaching him this Saturday!

As for K, she is the girl that is a senior in high school. We had a family fun night with her and the F family last Monday. She told the F family that she wants to start the discussions! We are so excited! We will be teaching her tonight (Monday)!

S has now officially dropped us. Sadly, since she has a new job, she is feeling content with her life and has told us that she doesn't want the gospel. Sister Anderson is still pretty set on continuing to fellowship her, so hopefully that all works out. 

We did go on exchanges this week. Elder J (our district leader) came here, and Elder G went over there. It was definitely a change, as Elder J and Elder G both have different personalities!

We had a Family Fun Night with the A family. We watched Groundhog Day on Saturday! I was the only one who had seen it out of the four missionaries, so it was a must. They have clear-play so it was clean don't worry. 

I am glad that Tayla did well in state! 4th is pretty darn good! Way to go PG! :)

I will definitely keep Dad in my prayers. I hope he gets better soon! 

No, we did not get to see the Super Bowl. Several Members sent us the score once it was over though haha! We were betting to see which member texted us first. I won, of course! Haha.

I am so grateful for the temple! Way to go family on the fasting! :) That's awesome!

The iPod is great! I'm loving it, because you can actually hear out of both headphones. Thanks Cass!

Clothing is great! Glasses are great! My watch is still functioning surprisingly! I'm okay on slacks, a member fixed one of the two ripped ones, so I have three that I can wear plus my 4 suit pants.

Everything is well! I'm so excited for my sweetheart to get out of the MTC and get to Mexico! :) She is going to do so well! It'll be different, but it'll be good!

Thank you everyone for all that you do! I'm grateful for the prayers and the letters that have been sent my way. If you haven't got a response from a previous letter I'm sorry! When you get busy its hard to keep track of who you've written and who you haven't, so if you get a moment in the next week, write me another and I promise I'll be more diligent in writing you back!

I know this Church is true. Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer. He suffered through so much just so that we all could have the opportunity to return to our Heavenly Father. Please, take advantage of that opportunity. Use the Atonement whenever and however you can. It is so amazing!

I love you all!
-Elder Dexton Armstrong