Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 3rd 2014 - Email Home

This week has been an interesting week. Its had a lot of unexpected twists!

First, I'm being transferred this week, so please don't send me any mail, or it'll be awhile before I get it. By next Monday, everyone should be clear to send me mail to a new address that I'll send out.

Second, we have two new investigators that will be in this area! Their names are R, and K. The Sisters in the Singles Ward tracted into R. He's a 14 year old kid that is dating a Less-Active youth in our ward. I don't know his story, but Elder G and his new comp will be teaching him this Saturday!

As for K, she is the girl that is a senior in high school. We had a family fun night with her and the F family last Monday. She told the F family that she wants to start the discussions! We are so excited! We will be teaching her tonight (Monday)!

S has now officially dropped us. Sadly, since she has a new job, she is feeling content with her life and has told us that she doesn't want the gospel. Sister Anderson is still pretty set on continuing to fellowship her, so hopefully that all works out. 

We did go on exchanges this week. Elder J (our district leader) came here, and Elder G went over there. It was definitely a change, as Elder J and Elder G both have different personalities!

We had a Family Fun Night with the A family. We watched Groundhog Day on Saturday! I was the only one who had seen it out of the four missionaries, so it was a must. They have clear-play so it was clean don't worry. 

I am glad that Tayla did well in state! 4th is pretty darn good! Way to go PG! :)

I will definitely keep Dad in my prayers. I hope he gets better soon! 

No, we did not get to see the Super Bowl. Several Members sent us the score once it was over though haha! We were betting to see which member texted us first. I won, of course! Haha.

I am so grateful for the temple! Way to go family on the fasting! :) That's awesome!

The iPod is great! I'm loving it, because you can actually hear out of both headphones. Thanks Cass!

Clothing is great! Glasses are great! My watch is still functioning surprisingly! I'm okay on slacks, a member fixed one of the two ripped ones, so I have three that I can wear plus my 4 suit pants.

Everything is well! I'm so excited for my sweetheart to get out of the MTC and get to Mexico! :) She is going to do so well! It'll be different, but it'll be good!

Thank you everyone for all that you do! I'm grateful for the prayers and the letters that have been sent my way. If you haven't got a response from a previous letter I'm sorry! When you get busy its hard to keep track of who you've written and who you haven't, so if you get a moment in the next week, write me another and I promise I'll be more diligent in writing you back!

I know this Church is true. Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer. He suffered through so much just so that we all could have the opportunity to return to our Heavenly Father. Please, take advantage of that opportunity. Use the Atonement whenever and however you can. It is so amazing!

I love you all!
-Elder Dexton Armstrong

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