Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30 - Email Home

This week was definitely a rollercoaster week! It has been more on the upside though!

Had our first district meeting since transfers. We had four people leave from our district, so that means four more came in. (Which is half our district). Our district meeting wasn't the same, which is okay, because change is good!

After District Meetings, we got picked up by Brother M ( a great member from Elder G old area). He took us to Five Guys, which we usually can't go to because we don't have a car. It was Delicious!

We ate at the J Family's home. We actually had a great spiritual thought and a great Christmas Eve with them. They made great food and their kids were really awesome! After, we did a white elephant gift exchange. I ended up getting a hotwheels sized tractor! Elder G got a skeleton that grows bigger in water.

I also opened my "Christmas Eve" package from Grandma lyn! Which of course included my Christmas PJs, and a Christmas book! I was really excited! I also got a ton of Christmas letters, which I was really thankful for!

Brother M picked us up at 7:20 AM and took us to his apartment. We chilled with 12 other missionaries Christmas Morning! He's a really cool member. He got gifts for every missionary, and that included me, even though he had just met me the day previous. He got me a pack of Vanilla Coke! haha we had talked a little bit about it the day previous at Five Guys!

We opened all of our presents at Brother M house! it was definitely a party! I'm grateful for the scarf and the gloves they are definitely going to help when it is cool!

He took us back to our place by 11:50. We went to the B Family's house and they let us go in their basement to Skype! President gave us an hour to Skype, which was great! I loved seeing you guys! I loved the questions you all had! I also loved seeing Pixie do a few tricks, even though she didn't seem like she enjoyed seeing me ;).

after, we played Mario Kart with the B Family! haha it was great! I schooled everyone ;).
We ate dinner that night at the R family's house. it was like Thanksgiving dinner all over again, and it was really delicious! Their family reminds me of our family!
Christmas out here was different though! We were able to talk to a few people (members and nonmembers) and the Spirit was more present than I had noticed before. No one really stood out as a potential investigator, but I know that they were touched by the Spirit. People were definitely more willing to talk to us!

Went by slowly. S couldn't meet that night, which was sad, so we went about visiting members and trying to visit potentials. we are always looking for ways to serve, but Its hard out here! We keep it up though!
We had set up an appointment with S, but then Sister A felt sick. So we had to cancel that appointment. I'm kinda bummed that S only likes to meet in Sister A's house, but everyone has their needs, and we are willing to work with her!

I got sick. not sure what it was, but it hit me pretty hard, so we stayed inside so we didn't get anyone sick. I fell asleep a couple of times, but then felt better after!

S didn't show :(. but we had several Less-actives come, which was really great to see them there! We've been trying to work with them more, and it seems to have helped!

We tried visiting a potential investigator and we actually got a return appointment! It made me really happy!

That's pretty much the summary of our week!

I love you all! Thank you for all the support and the love! You have no idea how much it helps, even if it was just a letter!

I know that this church is true. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. I know that our Savior suffered for us, so that we can return and live with our Heavenly Father. I am ever so grateful for the Atonement and its power!
I love you!
-Elder Dexton Armstrong

A Few Pictures Dexton Sent

Elder Armstrong's Christmas tree--given to the Elders right before Christmas day

First experience with an ice storm.  Cool and crazy all at the same time!

Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23 - Email Home

I can't believe its been three months either! It really blows my mind. Also, I can't believe that Kellie is in the MTC! That amazes me!

This week has been hard. With Elder F leaving, getting a new companion, and not being with the family this Christmas season, it's been tough. But, I'm planning on just toughing it out.

We had Elder Karbach with us the first three days of the week M,T,W.
We drove Elder R around. Because of the unusual transfer to get the returning missionaries home before Christmas, they went home on Tuesday. So we had to drive Elder R all over (departing interviews, mailing, and the mission home). We were probably in the car for 6 hours!

We had district meetings (as was usual) but we got a conference call (broadcasted through to the whole mission). President Riggs just talked about our highs and lows for the mission. As a mission we are number 1 in baptisms, we have a really high activity rate, and we are great with the members. The only thing we really struggle with is finding people. Elder F found out Tuesday night that he was leaving.

Cleaning, baking cookies (Elder F wanted to say goodbye to a few people and give them cookies), and packing. We only had time to say goodbye to a few people.

Transfer meeting! Elder F got moved to Alexandria! I'm really missing him.

My new companion is Elder G. He is a musically talented kid. He's probably the next music prodigy! He's also great at taking things apart, and learning how they work, and then putting them back together! He loves cameras and movies and pictures! He's been out for about 6 months

Elder K's new comp is Elder S. Elder S is from Kawaii! He's been out for almost a year now! He's pretty cool.

We all get along pretty well, except for the fact that he and Elder S want to change everything in our area. We are working it out though!

Crazy planning day. We visited a few members and dropped off cookies to members Elder F and I weren't able to visit. We ate at Carolina Brothers (Missionaries eat free, and its a bbq place). Elder G is in love! Elder K also killed his back tire when he went off a small jump!

Another busy day. We visited members, and a few investigators. Nothing really huge happened.

Had our Christmas day program. We also had a Christmas Concert that night for all of the four wards in the area and for anyone who wanted to come. "S" came to the Concert but left early because she wasn't feeling well. We talked to several nonmembers who attended, and it was great because the Spirit was there! We even talked to a Catholic who was really impressed! He's not in our area though.

I'm glad that everything is working out back home! Poor Zoey! I hope she isn't in pain! That sounds about right for Shash though! He is probably having a great time with Mark! Haha thinking about those two makes me laugh! I love them both! Haha crazy Pixie! She always was a rebel when it came to haircuts ;).

Sounds like the family is being crazy again! Busy schedules, especially with the Holiday season! I'm glad Tay is doing well. Poor Daws! Yeah, missing school for awhile could definitely cause problems. Cass will be able to do well in school! I know she can do it! Aleia has always been the "star" of our family!!! Haha!

I love you all! Thank you so much for all you do! 

I know this Church is true, and that Our Savior lives and loves each of us! He is there for anything we need. I know that for a fact. I know that as we pray, we come to know Him better than ever. I am ever grateful for His sacrifice. This time of year is really special. I love the Christmas Season and the joy it brings to all of us.

I know that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of our Heavenly Father. He restored the true church through Joseph. We have the authority of God. I have a testimony of the power of the Priesthood. I am so glad that I am worthy to hold that Priesthood

Have a very Merry Christmas! Love you!
-Elder Armstrong

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16 - Christmas Pictures

It's Christmas at the Elders apartment!  

Elder Armstrong thinks he needs a home!  I can't believe he fits in there!

December 16, 2013 - Email Home

This week has been terribly slow. All of our teaching appointments fell through. Most were at the beginning of the week when it was snowing, and S canceled again, but she surprised us by showing up yesterday to church! We were extremely glad to see her and to see that she wants to be there!

We had our Mission Christmas Conference/ "party" on Friday, and then had our ward Christmas Party on Saturday. One of the members offered us a good sized artificial tree, so we took it! So now we have a few christmas trees throughout our apartment. :)
We bought Christmas lights and put them up everywhere in the apartment. It looks pretty festive in there!

Elder R is going home this week. He leaves tomorrow. At the beginning of the transfer, he was really trunkie (meaning that he couldn't stop thinking of the things he wanted to do when he got home). Now, he doesn't want to leave. It's been really cool to see the change that happened over the transfer.
It sounds like you guys have had a crazy week! It seems like it has been a lot of fun though! Way to go Tayla! I'm glad they finally got the ranking in the drill competition they deserve! ;).
Please don't send anything this next week because I might get transferred! I'll tell you on Friday if I got transferred or not!
I'll be looking for your packages! I love you all so much! Thank you for your support!
I know this Gospel is true! The Savior loves each of us dearly and perfectly. Our Heavenly Father knows us, and He knows what is best for us!
Til next week!
-Elder Dexton Jonathan Armstrong

December 10, 2013 - Letter Home



How is everything going?  The last few days have been kinda crazy!  Snow is everywhere!

So I'll describe a little bit of how we tract!  First, we pull out a map of our area and Elder F & I will both pick 3 streets mentally and then we tell them to each other.  Surprisingly, we always pick on street similar to each other!  So that is where we go tracting for that day!

So far, we've only encountered one family that is a potential investigator from tracting!  We haven't been able to contact them since the first visit, but it's been good!

We go the the door and knock.  Elder F & I switch off talking @ each door.  We tell them that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and that we can help them and their family have happiness.  If they decline, we generally offer to do service for them!  I've only had one door slammed so it's been kinda nice.

It's sometimes intimidating to be the parent of me?  Man, I didn't realize I was that bad of a child! :-) Hahah just kidding!  Yeah, Kellie sent me an audio recording of her talk!  It was really awesome!  She did a great job!  I'm excited for her to be a missionary!

Did Cassia's letter ever arrive?  What about her bday card?  You didn't mention it, so I was kinda worried.

So this last week I've hit 190 miles on my odometer!  It kinda blows my mind that I've ridden that many miles in almost 3 months!  Thats about 15 miles a week!

I want you all to know that I'm trying my very best to do all I can out here.  I'm sorry if I fail or if I am not able to be successful in all I do.  I just want you to know that I'm going to give all I can before I ever give up with anything!!

I know this Church is true.  I know that the Savior lives and that He died so that we can return to our Father in Heaven. Our Heavenly Father loves us.  He knows us personally and can call us by name.  Joseph Smith really did restore the truth of the Gospel.

I love you all!!
Elder Dexton Armstrong

Monday, December 9, 2013

This is How We Have Fun

Part 1

Part 2

December 9, 2013 - Email Home

If you were thinking of sending a letter via snail mail or a package to Elder Armstrong send it this week.  Transfers are next week on the 19th.  He doesn't know if he will get transferred but if he does, we won't know his new address until Friday or Saturday which is cutting it close to Christmas time.

December 9, 2013

I loved the pictures in dropbox! haha I miss you guys! You guys seem to have had a lot of crazy fun this last week!
So yes, the weather was crazy yesterday! The snow started to fall at about 8:00AM, so we walked through it to Church! Lets just say Elder F was in heaven! He was in a daze trying to touch as much of the snow as he possibly could! I just laughed at him, and he ignored me! At each hour of Church, they would say, "We've checked on the weather, and it seems like we will continue. If it gets worse, we will dismiss you so you can get home safely". It really blew my mind that they would cancel church because of an inch or two of snow.... Haha!
We actually got a text yesterday from the Assistants to the President that told us to stay home as much as possible, and if we needed to go anywhere that we should get a ride from members! So yesterday we just chilled in our apartment with Elder R and Elder K.
Oh man! I bet Kellie did a great job with her missionary farewell talk! She is really amazing! I am proud of her and Mexico is going to be very blessed to receive her! Way to go Kel!
So we actually haven't seen S in a while. Sadly, the last two weeks have been crazy. This week we will try and visit her, but we would need a male adult if we actually wanted to teach her a lesson.
On Monday we met with the S Family. They are a Catholic Family that really loves LDS Members! They have a great opinion of our church. We taught them the Restoration as a practice lesson. What better way to practice than to practice with nonmembers? We extended a baptism invite at the end, and Mr. S said, "right now, I'm Catholic, and I don't feel I need to change, but if I ever feel otherwise, I'd love to be baptized!" That made us really happy!
Tuesday we had Zone Conference. President Riggs, Sister Riggs, and our Zone Leaders taught us about Repentance, Faith, and Commitments. I love President Riggs. He really is inspired of God. He is one of the smartest men that I have ever known! ( I Guess that's what happens when you become an attorney....)
Wednesday, I got a fever, but I still tried my best to do missionary work. After dinner, I came back and fell asleep. After about 3 hours I woke up, having broke the fever! So I wasn't sick for long!
Thursday we were excited to meet with Sarah, but things got canceled. So sadly went about finishing our day by talking to members.
Friday is always one of the busiest days of the week! We have weekly planning on Fridays, so we are pretty much busy until 5:00 PM planning for the next week, and going and doing our facebook and time. It was really cold and rainy! But my clothes kept me warm!
Saturday, we played soccer with some members and nonmembers again! It was muddy, and extremely fun! No progress with the nonmembers, but one of them offered us a ride from the field back to our apartments! So the seeds are starting to grow!
So, when Christmas comes around, I should be able to Skype with you! There are a lot of people with Skype who are willing to let us use them. But last resort would be calling you on a Phone!
Oh by the way, JS will be driving to Utah from here. He told me that if there was anything I wanted to be delivered to our house that he could drop it off near New Years! So hopefully I can get something together!
I love you all so much! This church is true. Our Father in Heaven knows us. He loves us more than we can ever comprehend. Jesus Christ is the Savior and our Lord. He died so that we could return to live with our Heavenly Father. I love Him, and I am so grateful for all that He has done for us.
Elder Dexton Armstrong

Monday, December 2, 2013

Address to write a Christmas card, letter or send a package to Elder Armstrong

Here is Elder Armstrong's address

Elder Dexton Armstrong
20851 Isherwood Terrace
Apt 103
Ashburn, VA 20147

I have found that sending a package by USPS (post office) is the cheapest (If that's what you 'd like to call it).

I use Priority Mail boxes that you can pick up for free in the post office.  They come in 4 sizes.  It takes appx 3 business days to get to him.
Small = $5.80 (no weight limit)
Medium = $12.35 2 sizes of medium boxes (no weight limit on one, 20 lb on the other)
Large = $16.85 (70 lb weight limit)

If you would like to send an email use this address:

December 2nd - Email Home

The 4 Belmont Ridge Ward Elders!

Photo bomb by Elder R!

First I want to thank you for those awesome Thanksgiving videos of the Armstrong family! They made me extremely happy! Poor Grandma who started to cry! I love her! Haha.

I have two gray slacks left. One of the black slacks is wearable... but I try to stick with the gray slacks.

A blue mission belt from Mr. Mac ;). I've always wanted one of those ;).
But other than that, I have no idea.

Haha yes, I'm feeling pretty healthy! I got over that cold extremely fast.

This week has been kinda hectic, and I don't remember all of it. (I wrote it all down in my journal, but I forgot to bring it here to the library).

Tuesday Elder F saw snow falling for the first time (he is from California). He had his back to the window when we were in the apartment, and I said, "Hey, its snowing!" He didn't believe me! Finally I got him to turn around and he flipped out, and ran outside! It was hilarious!

Wednesday we were going to meet with S (Thursday was Thanksgiving) but she ended up canceling. We were pretty sad, but we enjoyed dinner with a member family, and they made pretty great food! Their mind was blown when they asked how old our parents were. When they got to me, they realized that they were as old as you guys... and yet their oldest was like 6.... Haha their reaction was awesome!

Thursday was delicious! Another member had all four of us over! The food was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I'm really glad we have such awesome members! We weren't allowed to do much because it's such a big holiday, so we had to hang out at the apartment and members houses.

Friday was kinda stupid! We went to Carolina Brothers (A BBQ Place where missionaries eat for free) and found it closed, so we went and ate elsewhere. On our way back we noticed that Carolina Brothers was then open... haha the Lord has a sense of Humor! We've found that out a lot lately!

Saturday we had Launching Leaders. I love it! We talked about "Going and Doing" what the Lord wants us to, and about how Ether who was, slow of speech, and everyone hated him. He converted an entire city because he did what the Lord had asked him.

Then after we were told by our Zone Leaders that we might not get iPads until January... which I was kinda bummed about, but I'll be fine!

Sunday was good! I love fast and testimony meeting! It really does bring the Spirit! Sundays are just awesome in general. They really are a peaceful restful day!

I love you all!
Know that I have a testimony of Our Savior and of the Gospel. This is the True Church!
Elder Armstrong

Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25 - Email Home

I actually found out that JS will be going to UVU, but its not far from Provo Canyon either! I'll give him or his mom your email!

So just my black slacks are torn. Its not like I try and crash :p. I still have my 2 gray slacks. One of the black slacks is wearable, I just try to avoid it!

The mattresses have been really helpful! We've gotten much better sleep with them!
We've messed around with the harmonicas! Its actually quite difficult to get it to sound the way you want it!

President Riggs approved the instrument idea! We can go play in parks as long as it doesn't interfere with our main proselyting time!

Enos is a great book of scripture. I just wish they had more room on the plates to continue writing those books.

I saw the pictures on facebook! How is Hunter doing back from his mission?! Man, it feels like he was hardly gone, and yet it feels like I haven't seen him in forever!

I'm so happy and proud of Ally for getting baptized! I love her!

This week has been different! I led the area on Tuesday (Elder F went on exchanges and so I was in charge of the area) with Elder S -not the same one. He's a cool kid!

Wednesday, We had a Half-mission conference with Elder Teh, who is part of the quorum of the 70. He is a really cool guy, and he shook every missionary's hand before beginning. He asked us where we were from. He definitely had the Spirit about him!

Thursday was different, but it was a good day. S couldn't meet with us, so we had to adjust our schedules accordingly!

Friday we rescheduled our meeting with S. We met with her that night and it went well! We talked about Grace and the Atonement. Sarah had a lot of questions that we were able to answer and the Spirit was there. She is slowly making progress towards the Savior! She has stopped drinking coffee at home, and only drinks one cup at work if she really needs it! We are pretty happy about that!

Saturday I started feeling sick again, but I worked through it. We did a blanket drive for the Syrian Refugees. We worked with the Singles Ward and I think we got a total of like 250 blankets! It was awesome!

Sunday I got sick (throw-up sick) its been going around, but I'm feeling better now!

This week has been good though. The work is hastening on!
I know that this Gospel is true. I know the Jesus Christ is our Savior and King. I know that He loves us, and that as we turn towards Him, he will help us!

I love you all. Keep up the crazy good work back home!
-Elder Armstrong

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 18th - Letter Home


The last few days have had some ups and downs.

Friday the 15th
Have I ever told you how awesome the Church Bible videos are?!  They are my #1 favorite thing to be able to watch on Fridays!  The Church was really inspired to make them!

I also introduced the Life of Christ program to our Bishop!  He seemed excited about it, especially for the Youth!  I just hope they put it on sooner than later, because I’d love to participate in helping it works out!

Saturday the 16th
So yes, I crashed today!  It was funny!! (at least I thought so!)

We went the G family and had a great dinner with them!  The invited us to come back whenever!   That’s a very good sign!

On the way back to the apartment, I got to the parking lot (the ground was wet because it was misting/sprinkling) and hit some rocks at the same time I braked.  So now, I have 0 pairs of black slacks that don’t have holes in them!

It’s interesting how the Lord helps His missionaries.  After that slide/crash, I knew I should be more hurt/injured.  My belt buckle is scratched up, my IPod cord is beaten up (It was in my pocket from earlier), my slacks got torn badly, and yet except for a few scratches, I’m completely fine!  Miracle right?!

Sunday the 17th
Church was good!  S came!  That really helped!  We actually had a farewell talk for a kid who is going to Brazil!  He talked about “lost sheep”, and gave a view point that I hadn’t seen before.  He said, “We are all lost sheep, members and non-members.  The ‘member’ sheep are on the correct path to being found and they need to share the path with those who don’t know the way!”  Interesting analogy!

“Family Fun Nights”: is a new thing that we missionaries are doing a lot out here in the DC south Mission.  Pres Riggs came up with it.  We ask a member family if they will do a FFN any night of the week.  It’s pretty much FHE but you have a 5 minute lesson & a 40 minute activity instead of vice-versa.  We then ask them to invite a less active or non-member to show them the church can be fun too!

We are actually doing our first FFN on Wednesday the 20th!  We are going t to the W family (oh, BTW, we can do anything except go to movie theaters for FFN.  That’s what Pres Riggs said.  He said that if they want to play Wii Bowling then we can play Wii Bowling!)  We will be playing Super Smash Bro’s Melee on the Game Cube with them and a less-active kid in our ward!  We are extremely excited!

Monday the 18th
Today was good!  I emailed you, always one of my favorite activities of the day and the week.  We didn’t do too much but it was good to relax!

I don’t have a Christmas list…I’ll continue thinking!  I love you all!

I know this Church is true!  Jesus Christ is the Savior & Redeemer for all of us.  He loves us.  He answers prayers and He wants us all to return to Him!!

Elder Dex Armstrong

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 15 - A Letter to Cassia

11-15-13-A letter to Cassia

Thank you for taking the time to write me!  I love the idea of writing in different colors!

Haha! Yes, the animals we have found have turned out to be quite awesome!  Though I think Pixie, Zoe, and Shashakar are all better than “G” the bird and “speedy” the turtle!

Hopefully school is fun for you, because it was fun for me!  Try not to be late! (mom wouldn’t like it J)  I loved CTE!  Do you like it?

I’m glad you are enjoying church!  This gospel is the true Gospel.  Keep up the good work, and if you ever need anything, pray to Heavenly Father.  He loves & cares for you!

Haha!  We had a shopping cart in our apartment because we had too much to carry, and we don’t have a car so we just walked to shopping cart back over here!

You got a free IPod?! How?! You are the luckiest of the Armstrong Family, because none of us have really gotten anything from school!  What type of ipod is it and when did you get it?

We do a lot of things for fun!  On our p-days we play a game called Dungeons and Dragons!  (it’s really nerdy!)  We also like to play different sports.  But missionary work is actually pretty fun on it’s own!

We’ve gone to a few restaurants!  One is called Carolina Brothers.  It is a barbeque place that gives missionaries free BBQ sandwiches (pork, beef, or chicken).  The owner is LDS and he was converted by missionaries so he shows how grateful he is by giving us free lunch!

We go to McDonalds sometimes or Dominos or Subway!  These are the 4 places we like to eat at!

I love you so much Cass!  This Church is true.  Never forget it.  Be an example of Jesus Christ, especially to your friends!  Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ love you and are always there for you!  I’m here for you too!

Elder Dexton Armstrong

Nov 15th - Letter home

Armstrong Family!

How’s it going?  I know I just wrote you a letter, but I wanted to write a letter to Mr. Beck and I don’ have his address, so I figured Tay could deliver it to him.  I felt bad so I figured that I could write you a letter as well!

So these last few days have been kinda crazy!  Elder G left on Thursday (and I wanted to cry, he was so awesome!) and he was replaced by Elder R.  Elder R has actually been in the Belmont Ridge Ward before, so it is kinda cool for the members to see him again.  This is Elder R’s last transfer as well so he will be going home soon too!  Poor Elder K who keeps getting new companions!

I got the new Piano Guys CD (a family Christmas).  It’s really good buy it has some of Steven Sharp Nelsons Christmas Album on it, So I already have a few of the songs!  It’s still a great CD thought!

Facebook has been interesting!  It’s been really neat to be able to express a gospel message each day!  Especially online!

How’s Arrow (the show)?  Have you finished the season yet?  Cause if I remember correctly, the second season is currently airing!

So as long as I’m in this ward I don’t think that you’ll have to worry about me not getting enough to eat.  We eat SO well out here.  I might actually have to start trying to loose weight J
A member dropped this off

BTW, I hit 104 miles on my odometer today!

Love you all

Elder Dex Armstrong

Nov 13 - Letter Home

Dear Family,
I’m so sorry I didn’t get more time to email yesterday. We’ve been pretty busy, as you can tell!  So I’ll explain what we’ve been doing in a little more detail.

Tuesday the 5th
I wasn’t feeling the best, so I took some Airborne! Which really helped! (even though it tastes *bleh*) haha!

We came up with the idea to go to parks and play Christmas music!  I’ll probably play the cello and Elder F will either play alongside me (I would teach him) or he will talk to those who pass by to listen.  We have a few ward members who have cellos that we might ask to borrow!

Wednesday the 6th
It wasn’t too eventful.  Elder G went with Pres Riggs to the Temple for the last time before he leaves.  That poor kid.  He doesn’t want to leave.  I don’t blame him.

Thursday the 7th
We had something called “return & Report”.  Its where all the trainers & trainees get together so that President Riggs can give us advice.  At first I was nervous, but it turned out to be OK!

Friday the 8th
I got some more sheet music today!  It is pretty awesome that we are allowed to do that! I’ve already got “If you could Hie to Kolob” mastered.  It’s a beautiful arrangement though.

Saturday the 9th
So in the middle of the night, I got the worst charley horse cramp in my right leg.  I was limping the whole day.  We played soccer with JS though!  (and all of his friends- lds and non-members).  It always makes me miss Dawson!  Love you bro!
*PS JS will probably be playing for REAL Salt Lake soon.  He just needs surgery on his ACL.  By the way, is there a time he could stay at the cabin in Jan or Feb?  His is such a cool guy and I’d love for you guys to meet him when he goes to BYU.  He leaves over there in January I believe!

Saturday we helped Sister B move.  At the end they surprised us with Target giftcards.  We accepted them thinking they were like $10 each.  We ended up finding out that they each had $50 on them….In total they gave us $200. Wow!!

Sunday the 10th
We had the primary program.  Sarah attended, which was awesome.  It wento over all the basics, which I believe, was exactly what she needed!

After church we were biking around.  I wasn’t feeling too hot (I felt kinda sick) but I didn’t say anything to Elder F.  Apparently, I was pale (more than usual) so he pulled over and gave me a blessing.  I immediately felt better.  Elder F said that the color immediately returned to my face as well!  I was kinda cool!

We went biking more and Elder F blew his back tire.  We got a ride from a nearby member, which was nice, cause we were about 5 miles away from home!

Monday the 11th
So because we had Target gift cards we needed a way to get to Target (It’s not in our Area).  So we asked the Sisters if we could borrow their car.  They let us use it so we ended up buying them Swedish Fish Hershey “hugs” and sour patch kids. (So I gave hugs to girls in my mission…Just like Dawson gives “kisses” to girls back home) J

I got magic cards!  (Yes daws, I got the theros set).  I taught Elder F how to play and he loves it.

Elder F got clothes and extras like that.  He forgot to buy a tube.  So I later a member took us back (and we ended up hitting Bambi)

Tuesday the 12th
I emailed you.  It was nice, even though it was brief.

We did service for a few hours for a guy named bro G.  His house caught on fire and a propane tank blew up with him next to it.  He will be Okay but we helped around his house.

We also ate at the S Family home. They threw a “party” for Elder G since he leaves tomorrow.

Wednesday the 13th
We helped a part member family move.  They gave us new beds (full-size, literally brand new!) and a new table.  It was really awesome!

We got to use Facebook Today!  So you might notice that my page, pictures and posts are going to be different.  There’s quite a few restrictions we have but we get to get on for an hour each day!  It’s really neat!

So a few thoughts:
Bishop Neilson is the Ward Mission Leader?!  Way to go!  I’m so excited!  In fact, I thought about how he would be a great member missionary the other day!

I got my package literally right after emailing.  It was perfect!  Thank you so much for the Harmonicas!  I’m excited for the Life of Christ!  I’m just nervous about the props and getting everything together.

I love you all so much!  Thank you for supporting me out here!  I can’t wait to tell you more experiences that I’ve had!

Elder Dex Armstrong

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Bike Ride

November 18 - Email

Aw man, I've realized that every week is crazy! And I love it!
So I crashed again.... haha! But this time I only skinned my leg... and I may have ripped yet another one of my slacks. Oops... Haha it doesn't hurt, but I just find it funny. We were coming back from an appointment with a part-member family, and I rode my bike into our parking lot. I hit some rocks right as I braked, and the ground might have been wet. So it was like sliding into first base! Haha I probably would be more scratched up, but I was thankfully wearing my thermals. Thank you for sending them!

So yes, today is my two-month mark! Its pretty awesome! It hasn't felt that long!
Thank you so much for taking care of Kel! Funny thing is... I actually was going to email you today to buy her some flowers and give them to her.... So I guess my vibes are good enough that they reach across the nation!
My iPod works great! We use it as our alarm every morning, and I couldn't ask for more.
Poor Dawson (he had a mechanical baby over the weekend). I'm glad he now knows the importance/duties of a parent! Haha!

I'm actually okay on the cold weather gear! The Belmont Ridge Ward has really helped us missionaries out!
I have no idea on the dentistry. If anything got bad, we would go to one, but I think we are okay on the dentist (for now).
Christmas... I'll write you a letter on that one! Cause I have no idea!
Nothing on whether we can play Christmas music in the park idea yet... but we will find out!
Alright, so I'll explain in detail what goes on with Facebook!
As of November 12th, we now have access to facebook! We were trained in Zone Training how to use it, and the restrictions we have.
How We Use It:
We get on at the library for about an hour everyday. This will change when we get iPads in the middle of December(Looking like the 11th-ish, but i'm not sure).
We are allowed to have conversations with anyone as long as it pertains to the Gospel or fulfills our purpose as missionaries.
We post spiritual messages and can link them to, or any church website. (We are encouraged to do so).
We have asked members to get involved (anywhere and everywhere) by adding us as friends and liking or sharing our posts. When people "like" or "share" their friends can see it. It spreads the word/message pretty fast!
We can have blogs, so thats nice!
If we have discussions with a non-member, a member can join the chat with us to help explain the gospel better! This especially helps if the non-member knows the member!
We had to hide all of our old photos, our books that we've read, shows that we've watched, previous statuses, etc.
We have to be careful with what we post. We cannot say "this is the official doctrine or standpoint of the church". (It just stops future problems from arising.
We can't post Preperation Day pictures. We have to be in proselyting/missionary attire.
But we are way excited!
All of our appointments canceled this last week so its been kinda slow. But we've visited a lot of members!
So as for transfers right befor Christmas, if someone does get transferred, it'll probably be Elder Falcòn. He's been in the area for awhile, and so usually the 'trainee' stays in the area. But we will see what the Lord has planned! I'd love to stay with Elder Falcòn at least until after Christmas (he's never seen snow fall). I love him, but I know the Lord knows what is the right thing for both of us.
I love you all so much! Thank you for all the support you give! I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to be out here. I've learned so much about my Savior and His Gospel. I know that it is true, without a doubt.
-Elder Dexton Armstrong

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nov 12 - Email Home

Yeah... We are getting iPads in a month so it'll really change when we can email!
But big news today! We are now using Facebook! So within a week you'll see me on my Facebook. Now I know you'll want to talk to me, which is fine, as long as its centered on missionary work. We aren't supposed to have casual conversations on Facebook unless its our emailing time. But we could have a three way chat between Elder F and I, you, and a less-active/non-member and it would count as a member present lesson! Its really cool!

So this last week has been crazy! You don't know how fast time is now flying. It literally feels like I got here a week ago and I've been here almost a whole transfer. In fact, next week I will have been out for two months! This work is amazing!

Last night was crazy though! So Elder F and I totally forgot about an appointment we had set the day before for 7:00Pm last night. So we got a call at 7:50 by that family. We told them that we had no way to get there (Elder F blew a tire on Sunday and they live a good 3 miles away) so they came and picked us up.Then they took us to target to get a new tire. On the way there we were going 45 and.... we hit a deer. Alright well I shouted "deer" so we dropped to about 25 and glanced its back legs. It left some deer hair in the hood, but the car was other wise fine, and we were as well! Haha good times!

S is doing better! She's actually starting to get it. She was at work the other day and she said that she just felt peaceful when she was confronted by a coworker. Its the little miracles that really count. Its seriously amazing.

About my dreams...Haha I actually gave Elder F that suggestion to keep a journal at the beginning of the transfer, and he's kept a dream journal as well!

And yep, we know all about comfortability out here. when you get comfortable, you get transfered, but we will see what the Lord has in store! I'll go where He wants me to go!

So this weeks email is shorter. I'll send home a letter when i get time. I'm sorry but hopefully I get everything to you soon!

I love you all, and I'm glad you are all doing so well!
-Elder Dex Armstrong

Nov 8 - Quick Email Info

Just to let you know that I won't be able to email on the 11th, so we will be emailing on the 12th instead!
Also, don't send any letters or packages Monday 11th -Thursday 14th because transfers are on the 14th. so I'll let you know next Friday if I got transferred or not!
love you all!

November 5 - Letter Home

My Family!

How’s it going? I'm doing alright.  Earlier today, I felt like throwing up.  I was pretty miserable, mom will be happy to know that I used Airborne!  I'm feeling better now!

I'm really glad you actually got my letter!  I was worried that I had forgotten to send it or that it got lost in the mail!  Thankfully it hadn't.

We actually played Dungeons & Dragons yesterday!  It was actually quite fun!  We all got pretty into it!  That surprised me, cause Elder K doesn't seem like the type who enjoys role-playing or nerdy games!  ha-ha!

The weather is getting chillier every day!  The leaves are also starting to loose their vibrant colors.  It's still gorgeous and I'm starting to need to layer everywhere I go, which is hard under my suit pants!

So my dreams are pretty awesome!   I really love that I get to have them!  Imagine being able to watch a movie every night!  That's what it is like for me.  I know you said (mom) that you know someone who has a few ways to get them to stop, but I really love them and I don't want to give them up.  I really think that it's a blessing to have dreams.  Sleep would be boring otherwise ;-P haha!

Some of my dreams are nightmare-ish but the majority actually are funny!  They actually have strengthened mine & Elder F's relationship!  We trust each other a lot.  I really hope that I don't have to say goodbye on the 14th which is transfers meeting. 
So yesterday I bought some of those uncrustables!  They actually had them at Giants! (the store) It made me really happy to see them, so I bought them!  I just barely ate one and it was extremely good.

How was daylight savings back home?  Here is really helped getting that extra hour of sleep!  My body still wakes up at 5 (which used to be 6) but I fall back asleep really easily.

So Elder F and I had a great idea!  We are going to ask President Riggs if we could practice Christmas [music] until Christmas time on a cello and/or a violin.  We would then go to parks and play them.  We could share our message with those who gathered around to listen!  We are pretty stoked!

So just curious, did the Xbox thing ever get figured out?  There's not much I can do, but I was curious.

Also, did Aunt Karen ever get the UVU stuff done?  I'm just looking out for my future! ;-)

Poor S (an investigator).  She's really struggling with her husband.  She just can't seem to forgive him and all she wants is someone to take care of her.  There’s not much Elder F and I can do except for praying and fasting, so that's what we do.

So you don't ever need to worry about food for me out here in Ashburn!  We get so much food, you'd be blown away. We just cleaned out our fridge full of week-old leftovers because our fridge was completely full.  It amazed me how much the members care for us missionaries!

I love you all so much!  I miss you guys but it's been a lot easier cause I'm getting lost in the work!  I love this area!  I love being on a mission!  I love my Heavenly Father so very much! 

This Church is true.  Never doubt that.  It is THE restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love you all!

Elder Dex Armstrong