Monday, December 2, 2013

Address to write a Christmas card, letter or send a package to Elder Armstrong

Here is Elder Armstrong's address

Elder Dexton Armstrong
20851 Isherwood Terrace
Apt 103
Ashburn, VA 20147

I have found that sending a package by USPS (post office) is the cheapest (If that's what you 'd like to call it).

I use Priority Mail boxes that you can pick up for free in the post office.  They come in 4 sizes.  It takes appx 3 business days to get to him.
Small = $5.80 (no weight limit)
Medium = $12.35 2 sizes of medium boxes (no weight limit on one, 20 lb on the other)
Large = $16.85 (70 lb weight limit)

If you would like to send an email use this address:

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