Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2nd - Email Home

The 4 Belmont Ridge Ward Elders!

Photo bomb by Elder R!

First I want to thank you for those awesome Thanksgiving videos of the Armstrong family! They made me extremely happy! Poor Grandma who started to cry! I love her! Haha.

I have two gray slacks left. One of the black slacks is wearable... but I try to stick with the gray slacks.

A blue mission belt from Mr. Mac ;). I've always wanted one of those ;).
But other than that, I have no idea.

Haha yes, I'm feeling pretty healthy! I got over that cold extremely fast.

This week has been kinda hectic, and I don't remember all of it. (I wrote it all down in my journal, but I forgot to bring it here to the library).

Tuesday Elder F saw snow falling for the first time (he is from California). He had his back to the window when we were in the apartment, and I said, "Hey, its snowing!" He didn't believe me! Finally I got him to turn around and he flipped out, and ran outside! It was hilarious!

Wednesday we were going to meet with S (Thursday was Thanksgiving) but she ended up canceling. We were pretty sad, but we enjoyed dinner with a member family, and they made pretty great food! Their mind was blown when they asked how old our parents were. When they got to me, they realized that they were as old as you guys... and yet their oldest was like 6.... Haha their reaction was awesome!

Thursday was delicious! Another member had all four of us over! The food was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I'm really glad we have such awesome members! We weren't allowed to do much because it's such a big holiday, so we had to hang out at the apartment and members houses.

Friday was kinda stupid! We went to Carolina Brothers (A BBQ Place where missionaries eat for free) and found it closed, so we went and ate elsewhere. On our way back we noticed that Carolina Brothers was then open... haha the Lord has a sense of Humor! We've found that out a lot lately!

Saturday we had Launching Leaders. I love it! We talked about "Going and Doing" what the Lord wants us to, and about how Ether who was, slow of speech, and everyone hated him. He converted an entire city because he did what the Lord had asked him.

Then after we were told by our Zone Leaders that we might not get iPads until January... which I was kinda bummed about, but I'll be fine!

Sunday was good! I love fast and testimony meeting! It really does bring the Spirit! Sundays are just awesome in general. They really are a peaceful restful day!

I love you all!
Know that I have a testimony of Our Savior and of the Gospel. This is the True Church!
Elder Armstrong

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