Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30 - Email Home

This week was definitely a rollercoaster week! It has been more on the upside though!

Had our first district meeting since transfers. We had four people leave from our district, so that means four more came in. (Which is half our district). Our district meeting wasn't the same, which is okay, because change is good!

After District Meetings, we got picked up by Brother M ( a great member from Elder G old area). He took us to Five Guys, which we usually can't go to because we don't have a car. It was Delicious!

We ate at the J Family's home. We actually had a great spiritual thought and a great Christmas Eve with them. They made great food and their kids were really awesome! After, we did a white elephant gift exchange. I ended up getting a hotwheels sized tractor! Elder G got a skeleton that grows bigger in water.

I also opened my "Christmas Eve" package from Grandma lyn! Which of course included my Christmas PJs, and a Christmas book! I was really excited! I also got a ton of Christmas letters, which I was really thankful for!

Brother M picked us up at 7:20 AM and took us to his apartment. We chilled with 12 other missionaries Christmas Morning! He's a really cool member. He got gifts for every missionary, and that included me, even though he had just met me the day previous. He got me a pack of Vanilla Coke! haha we had talked a little bit about it the day previous at Five Guys!

We opened all of our presents at Brother M house! it was definitely a party! I'm grateful for the scarf and the gloves they are definitely going to help when it is cool!

He took us back to our place by 11:50. We went to the B Family's house and they let us go in their basement to Skype! President gave us an hour to Skype, which was great! I loved seeing you guys! I loved the questions you all had! I also loved seeing Pixie do a few tricks, even though she didn't seem like she enjoyed seeing me ;).

after, we played Mario Kart with the B Family! haha it was great! I schooled everyone ;).
We ate dinner that night at the R family's house. it was like Thanksgiving dinner all over again, and it was really delicious! Their family reminds me of our family!
Christmas out here was different though! We were able to talk to a few people (members and nonmembers) and the Spirit was more present than I had noticed before. No one really stood out as a potential investigator, but I know that they were touched by the Spirit. People were definitely more willing to talk to us!

Went by slowly. S couldn't meet that night, which was sad, so we went about visiting members and trying to visit potentials. we are always looking for ways to serve, but Its hard out here! We keep it up though!
We had set up an appointment with S, but then Sister A felt sick. So we had to cancel that appointment. I'm kinda bummed that S only likes to meet in Sister A's house, but everyone has their needs, and we are willing to work with her!

I got sick. not sure what it was, but it hit me pretty hard, so we stayed inside so we didn't get anyone sick. I fell asleep a couple of times, but then felt better after!

S didn't show :(. but we had several Less-actives come, which was really great to see them there! We've been trying to work with them more, and it seems to have helped!

We tried visiting a potential investigator and we actually got a return appointment! It made me really happy!

That's pretty much the summary of our week!

I love you all! Thank you for all the support and the love! You have no idea how much it helps, even if it was just a letter!

I know that this church is true. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. I know that our Savior suffered for us, so that we can return and live with our Heavenly Father. I am ever so grateful for the Atonement and its power!
I love you!
-Elder Dexton Armstrong

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