Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23 - Email Home

I can't believe its been three months either! It really blows my mind. Also, I can't believe that Kellie is in the MTC! That amazes me!

This week has been hard. With Elder F leaving, getting a new companion, and not being with the family this Christmas season, it's been tough. But, I'm planning on just toughing it out.

We had Elder Karbach with us the first three days of the week M,T,W.
We drove Elder R around. Because of the unusual transfer to get the returning missionaries home before Christmas, they went home on Tuesday. So we had to drive Elder R all over (departing interviews, mailing, and the mission home). We were probably in the car for 6 hours!

We had district meetings (as was usual) but we got a conference call (broadcasted through to the whole mission). President Riggs just talked about our highs and lows for the mission. As a mission we are number 1 in baptisms, we have a really high activity rate, and we are great with the members. The only thing we really struggle with is finding people. Elder F found out Tuesday night that he was leaving.

Cleaning, baking cookies (Elder F wanted to say goodbye to a few people and give them cookies), and packing. We only had time to say goodbye to a few people.

Transfer meeting! Elder F got moved to Alexandria! I'm really missing him.

My new companion is Elder G. He is a musically talented kid. He's probably the next music prodigy! He's also great at taking things apart, and learning how they work, and then putting them back together! He loves cameras and movies and pictures! He's been out for about 6 months

Elder K's new comp is Elder S. Elder S is from Kawaii! He's been out for almost a year now! He's pretty cool.

We all get along pretty well, except for the fact that he and Elder S want to change everything in our area. We are working it out though!

Crazy planning day. We visited a few members and dropped off cookies to members Elder F and I weren't able to visit. We ate at Carolina Brothers (Missionaries eat free, and its a bbq place). Elder G is in love! Elder K also killed his back tire when he went off a small jump!

Another busy day. We visited members, and a few investigators. Nothing really huge happened.

Had our Christmas day program. We also had a Christmas Concert that night for all of the four wards in the area and for anyone who wanted to come. "S" came to the Concert but left early because she wasn't feeling well. We talked to several nonmembers who attended, and it was great because the Spirit was there! We even talked to a Catholic who was really impressed! He's not in our area though.

I'm glad that everything is working out back home! Poor Zoey! I hope she isn't in pain! That sounds about right for Shash though! He is probably having a great time with Mark! Haha thinking about those two makes me laugh! I love them both! Haha crazy Pixie! She always was a rebel when it came to haircuts ;).

Sounds like the family is being crazy again! Busy schedules, especially with the Holiday season! I'm glad Tay is doing well. Poor Daws! Yeah, missing school for awhile could definitely cause problems. Cass will be able to do well in school! I know she can do it! Aleia has always been the "star" of our family!!! Haha!

I love you all! Thank you so much for all you do! 

I know this Church is true, and that Our Savior lives and loves each of us! He is there for anything we need. I know that for a fact. I know that as we pray, we come to know Him better than ever. I am ever grateful for His sacrifice. This time of year is really special. I love the Christmas Season and the joy it brings to all of us.

I know that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of our Heavenly Father. He restored the true church through Joseph. We have the authority of God. I have a testimony of the power of the Priesthood. I am so glad that I am worthy to hold that Priesthood

Have a very Merry Christmas! Love you!
-Elder Armstrong

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