Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10 - Email Home

Sounds like the Armstrong home has been busy, but not too crazy!

I'm glad everyone is doing well. I hope that Cass gets feeling better!

My companion is doing great! His family is working things out, so we
aren't really worried anymore!

Phew, its been a crazy weekend! Thursday is the day we finally wrapped
up the iPad training (thank you!). Even though its over, we still get
about 10+ calls a day from missionaries throughout the mission having
one problem or another. Its great though! It keeps my techy skills

Friday was great! We were able to meet with a new family investigating the church
at one of our members homes! It was a crazy awesome lesson! We started off
talking about the Book of Mormon, but that changed to a lesson on
Eternal Familes, and being sealed in the temple, after we learned that
her father recently passed away. They seemed so interested in being 
sealed as a family! She and her kids committed to come to church on Sunday
He couldn't come because of work... but thats okay! We will get him to come next week!

Saturday was pretty cool! We were walking to a Less Actives home (70
minutes round trip) and we street contacted into two guys! One was
from Portugal, and he had arrived in the Falls Church area less than a
week ago! So we taught him about the Book of Mormon. When we gave him
one, he seemed confused, because we weren't asking for money! It was
great! The other guy serves in the national guard. He wanted to know what 
makes our church different from all of the others. We taught him a little 
about the Restoration, and then we got a return appointment for Tuesday!

Sunday was grand! We had our Turkish investigator who came to
sacrament meeting. She's still on date for this Sunday (we are pretty
excited)! And we had the the sister I talked about before and her two kids! 
Sacrament meeting was perfect for them; it was all about faith in Jesus Christ.
Then we had a musical number performed by a string ensemble "Army of Helaman".
Wow, the Spirit was there! We felt really good about it afterwards.

As for all those wondering about the sleep issue, we are still working
on it! We are trying different avenues that we haven't explored yet.
I'm grateful for all of the prayers and the support I have been given!

As I've been out, and particularly, as I've experienced this trial,
I've come to better understand the Atonement. I've come to know how to
use it better, and how to apply it in my life. I am so grateful for
the Savior, and for the gift of the Atonement that He gave me. Every
single time I use it, my appreciation and love for Him grows. I am
grateful for a loving Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the Plan of
Happiness that has been put together for our benefit. I know this
Church is true. I know that trials are here for us to grow and for us
to experience the bad, so that we may know the good. 2 Nephi 2 is a
great chapter. Read it some time!

I love you all! Thank you for being there for me!

-Elder Armstrong

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