Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17 - Email Home

Well, yesterday was stake conference! It was a region wide stake conference meaning that all of the stakes within our mission boundaries were part of a broadcast from SLC. We had two Seventies, a member of the Primary Presidency (I believe), and Elder L. Tom Perry. They talked about the hastening of the work, and about how to improve one's self in relation to the gospel, so that they could spread the gospel better.

Yesterday was pretty eventful! We had our first baptism! She got baptized last night and we are so excited! I'll be sending out a picture later! She will be confirmed this Sunday during sacrament meeting. Our plan is to teach her English so that she can get a job and actually enjoy Sacrament meeting, Relief Society and Gospel Principles.

The work went slowly this week, but we still tried our best. The rest of our investigators have been pretty busy, so we have been teaching the members the lesson. We have also been working with some of the Less Active members in our ward! It has been good!

I'm glad everything is well at home! I mean, its the normal crazy busyness but thats good!

Way to go Daws! Finish that Eagle fast! Don't take an entire year to pull it off like me! haha

I know this Church is true. I know the Savior loves me. He has always been there for me, I just needed to turn to him. Once I did, I got the best help I could ever receive, because He knows who I am!

I love you all! Thank you for the support!

-Elder Armstrong

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