Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24 - Email Home - Transferred to Burke-the Mission Office

Yep, this week was transfers. I am now in Burke, VA in the Springfield Stake!

For all those who are wondering, here's my address to send mail to:
5242 Lyngate Ct,
Burke, VA, 22015

I am also working in the Mission Office as an Office Elder. (Its
different from being an Assistant to the President (aka AP) ) Some of
my responsibilities include:
Delivering special supplies and/or furniture (couches, new phones, beds, etc.),
Helping missionaries change apartments,
Help the senior couple missionaries and President with their tech problems,

A good way of describing it is that the Assistants cover the Spiritual
side of the mission, and the Office Elders cover the temporal/physical
side of the mission.

That being said, we get quite busy helping other missionaries with
their problems. The office elders only proselyted for four hours last
transfer because they were so busy with everything. So if I don't get
to do much proselyting, thats the reason why.

The ward loves us though! Somehow we get fed 5-6 times a week by
members. In my mind it doesn't make sense, because we don't get to do
much for our ward because of our schedule. Thankfully we have a set of
Sister Missionaries in our ward who keep the work progressing.

My companion is Elder Lyman from St. George, Utah. He is a month
younger than me, but has been out for 9 months. He is also about 6
inches taller than I am. (Its kind of funny how similar he is to Jake
- tall, a month younger than I, 3 months older mission-wise).

This transfer another fellow Viking came out, Sister Brystal Gerber.
She was in my graduating class from PG High. PG has been representing
in this mission ( I believe there are now four of us).

We share our apartment with the Assistants. Its definitely a change
for me, as I've only been in apartments with one set of Elders so far.
But Its a good change! Its quite fun sharing the apartment with them.

I know this church is true. I know that Christ is the Savior and that
He helps us bear our cross. Last night, I was able to share the
following thought with a member family: "I believe, brothers and
sisters, that only those who are humble are able to acknowledge and
understand the Lord's answers to their prayers. The humble are
teachable, recognizing how dependent they are on God and desiring to
be subject to His will. The humble are meek and have the ability to
influence others to be the same. God's promise to the humble is that
He will lead them by the hand. I truly believe that we will avoid
detours and sadness in our lives as long as we walk hand in hand with
the Lord." (Be Meek and Lowly of Heart, Elder Soares).

Something I love about this quote is that Elder Soares doesn't say we
won't have trials or hardships. He says that we will avoid the sadness
or the detours that come with those hardships or trials. We will still
go through them, that much is sure, but we can have the strength to
get through them in a timely manner.

I love you all. Thank you for the support!
-Elder Armstrong

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