Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Dear Friends and Family,

You are all aware of the sleeping problems Elder Armstrong has had over the past 6 months.  We know many prayers have been given and fasting has happened on his behalf.  Thank you for all the time and thoughts for Dexton.

We wanted everyone to know the latest with Dexton.  Right now he is on a plane on his way home, with an Honorable Medical Release. While in the DC South mission Dexton has worked with several medical professionals to try to find a resolution to his sleeping issue.  As parents we are so grateful for the proactive approach of a very loving Mission President and mission doctor.  But Dexton has been getting less and less sleep even with all the resources they offered.  He is now averaging between 1-3 hours a night.  So yesterday the decision was made to have him come home to get better.  

This may be a surprise to many, especially if you are following his blog.  He has looked great in photos & been so positive in letters and incredibly obedient through this trial. JB and I have been at peace with this decision and know that this is the next step that we need to take.  This is a happy time.  We are celebrating a return of a young missionary who served faithfully for 6 months.  His goal is to get back out on his mission-but it will take several months for his body to heal.  Don't hesitate to stop by and say hi to him while he is home.  Ask him about his mission experiences.  Ask him about the things he is working on to stay busy and engaged in the missionary spirit and missionary work.  We are blessed to live in an area that has many missionary opportunities that we can take advantage of  while he gets the rest he needs. 

Thank you for you love and prayers.  We love you all.
Nicole, JB, Dexton and family

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