Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 18th - Letter Home


The last few days have had some ups and downs.

Friday the 15th
Have I ever told you how awesome the Church Bible videos are?!  They are my #1 favorite thing to be able to watch on Fridays!  The Church was really inspired to make them!

I also introduced the Life of Christ program to our Bishop!  He seemed excited about it, especially for the Youth!  I just hope they put it on sooner than later, because I’d love to participate in helping it works out!

Saturday the 16th
So yes, I crashed today!  It was funny!! (at least I thought so!)

We went the G family and had a great dinner with them!  The invited us to come back whenever!   That’s a very good sign!

On the way back to the apartment, I got to the parking lot (the ground was wet because it was misting/sprinkling) and hit some rocks at the same time I braked.  So now, I have 0 pairs of black slacks that don’t have holes in them!

It’s interesting how the Lord helps His missionaries.  After that slide/crash, I knew I should be more hurt/injured.  My belt buckle is scratched up, my IPod cord is beaten up (It was in my pocket from earlier), my slacks got torn badly, and yet except for a few scratches, I’m completely fine!  Miracle right?!

Sunday the 17th
Church was good!  S came!  That really helped!  We actually had a farewell talk for a kid who is going to Brazil!  He talked about “lost sheep”, and gave a view point that I hadn’t seen before.  He said, “We are all lost sheep, members and non-members.  The ‘member’ sheep are on the correct path to being found and they need to share the path with those who don’t know the way!”  Interesting analogy!

“Family Fun Nights”: is a new thing that we missionaries are doing a lot out here in the DC south Mission.  Pres Riggs came up with it.  We ask a member family if they will do a FFN any night of the week.  It’s pretty much FHE but you have a 5 minute lesson & a 40 minute activity instead of vice-versa.  We then ask them to invite a less active or non-member to show them the church can be fun too!

We are actually doing our first FFN on Wednesday the 20th!  We are going t to the W family (oh, BTW, we can do anything except go to movie theaters for FFN.  That’s what Pres Riggs said.  He said that if they want to play Wii Bowling then we can play Wii Bowling!)  We will be playing Super Smash Bro’s Melee on the Game Cube with them and a less-active kid in our ward!  We are extremely excited!

Monday the 18th
Today was good!  I emailed you, always one of my favorite activities of the day and the week.  We didn’t do too much but it was good to relax!

I don’t have a Christmas list…I’ll continue thinking!  I love you all!

I know this Church is true!  Jesus Christ is the Savior & Redeemer for all of us.  He loves us.  He answers prayers and He wants us all to return to Him!!

Elder Dex Armstrong

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