Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 15 - A Letter to Cassia

11-15-13-A letter to Cassia

Thank you for taking the time to write me!  I love the idea of writing in different colors!

Haha! Yes, the animals we have found have turned out to be quite awesome!  Though I think Pixie, Zoe, and Shashakar are all better than “G” the bird and “speedy” the turtle!

Hopefully school is fun for you, because it was fun for me!  Try not to be late! (mom wouldn’t like it J)  I loved CTE!  Do you like it?

I’m glad you are enjoying church!  This gospel is the true Gospel.  Keep up the good work, and if you ever need anything, pray to Heavenly Father.  He loves & cares for you!

Haha!  We had a shopping cart in our apartment because we had too much to carry, and we don’t have a car so we just walked to shopping cart back over here!

You got a free IPod?! How?! You are the luckiest of the Armstrong Family, because none of us have really gotten anything from school!  What type of ipod is it and when did you get it?

We do a lot of things for fun!  On our p-days we play a game called Dungeons and Dragons!  (it’s really nerdy!)  We also like to play different sports.  But missionary work is actually pretty fun on it’s own!

We’ve gone to a few restaurants!  One is called Carolina Brothers.  It is a barbeque place that gives missionaries free BBQ sandwiches (pork, beef, or chicken).  The owner is LDS and he was converted by missionaries so he shows how grateful he is by giving us free lunch!

We go to McDonalds sometimes or Dominos or Subway!  These are the 4 places we like to eat at!

I love you so much Cass!  This Church is true.  Never forget it.  Be an example of Jesus Christ, especially to your friends!  Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ love you and are always there for you!  I’m here for you too!

Elder Dexton Armstrong

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