Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 13 - Letter Home

Dear Family,
I’m so sorry I didn’t get more time to email yesterday. We’ve been pretty busy, as you can tell!  So I’ll explain what we’ve been doing in a little more detail.

Tuesday the 5th
I wasn’t feeling the best, so I took some Airborne! Which really helped! (even though it tastes *bleh*) haha!

We came up with the idea to go to parks and play Christmas music!  I’ll probably play the cello and Elder F will either play alongside me (I would teach him) or he will talk to those who pass by to listen.  We have a few ward members who have cellos that we might ask to borrow!

Wednesday the 6th
It wasn’t too eventful.  Elder G went with Pres Riggs to the Temple for the last time before he leaves.  That poor kid.  He doesn’t want to leave.  I don’t blame him.

Thursday the 7th
We had something called “return & Report”.  Its where all the trainers & trainees get together so that President Riggs can give us advice.  At first I was nervous, but it turned out to be OK!

Friday the 8th
I got some more sheet music today!  It is pretty awesome that we are allowed to do that! I’ve already got “If you could Hie to Kolob” mastered.  It’s a beautiful arrangement though.

Saturday the 9th
So in the middle of the night, I got the worst charley horse cramp in my right leg.  I was limping the whole day.  We played soccer with JS though!  (and all of his friends- lds and non-members).  It always makes me miss Dawson!  Love you bro!
*PS JS will probably be playing for REAL Salt Lake soon.  He just needs surgery on his ACL.  By the way, is there a time he could stay at the cabin in Jan or Feb?  His is such a cool guy and I’d love for you guys to meet him when he goes to BYU.  He leaves over there in January I believe!

Saturday we helped Sister B move.  At the end they surprised us with Target giftcards.  We accepted them thinking they were like $10 each.  We ended up finding out that they each had $50 on them….In total they gave us $200. Wow!!

Sunday the 10th
We had the primary program.  Sarah attended, which was awesome.  It wento over all the basics, which I believe, was exactly what she needed!

After church we were biking around.  I wasn’t feeling too hot (I felt kinda sick) but I didn’t say anything to Elder F.  Apparently, I was pale (more than usual) so he pulled over and gave me a blessing.  I immediately felt better.  Elder F said that the color immediately returned to my face as well!  I was kinda cool!

We went biking more and Elder F blew his back tire.  We got a ride from a nearby member, which was nice, cause we were about 5 miles away from home!

Monday the 11th
So because we had Target gift cards we needed a way to get to Target (It’s not in our Area).  So we asked the Sisters if we could borrow their car.  They let us use it so we ended up buying them Swedish Fish Hershey “hugs” and sour patch kids. (So I gave hugs to girls in my mission…Just like Dawson gives “kisses” to girls back home) J

I got magic cards!  (Yes daws, I got the theros set).  I taught Elder F how to play and he loves it.

Elder F got clothes and extras like that.  He forgot to buy a tube.  So I later a member took us back (and we ended up hitting Bambi)

Tuesday the 12th
I emailed you.  It was nice, even though it was brief.

We did service for a few hours for a guy named bro G.  His house caught on fire and a propane tank blew up with him next to it.  He will be Okay but we helped around his house.

We also ate at the S Family home. They threw a “party” for Elder G since he leaves tomorrow.

Wednesday the 13th
We helped a part member family move.  They gave us new beds (full-size, literally brand new!) and a new table.  It was really awesome!

We got to use Facebook Today!  So you might notice that my page, pictures and posts are going to be different.  There’s quite a few restrictions we have but we get to get on for an hour each day!  It’s really neat!

So a few thoughts:
Bishop Neilson is the Ward Mission Leader?!  Way to go!  I’m so excited!  In fact, I thought about how he would be a great member missionary the other day!

I got my package literally right after emailing.  It was perfect!  Thank you so much for the Harmonicas!  I’m excited for the Life of Christ!  I’m just nervous about the props and getting everything together.

I love you all so much!  Thank you for supporting me out here!  I can’t wait to tell you more experiences that I’ve had!

Elder Dex Armstrong

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