Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nov 12 - Email Home

Yeah... We are getting iPads in a month so it'll really change when we can email!
But big news today! We are now using Facebook! So within a week you'll see me on my Facebook. Now I know you'll want to talk to me, which is fine, as long as its centered on missionary work. We aren't supposed to have casual conversations on Facebook unless its our emailing time. But we could have a three way chat between Elder F and I, you, and a less-active/non-member and it would count as a member present lesson! Its really cool!

So this last week has been crazy! You don't know how fast time is now flying. It literally feels like I got here a week ago and I've been here almost a whole transfer. In fact, next week I will have been out for two months! This work is amazing!

Last night was crazy though! So Elder F and I totally forgot about an appointment we had set the day before for 7:00Pm last night. So we got a call at 7:50 by that family. We told them that we had no way to get there (Elder F blew a tire on Sunday and they live a good 3 miles away) so they came and picked us up.Then they took us to target to get a new tire. On the way there we were going 45 and.... we hit a deer. Alright well I shouted "deer" so we dropped to about 25 and glanced its back legs. It left some deer hair in the hood, but the car was other wise fine, and we were as well! Haha good times!

S is doing better! She's actually starting to get it. She was at work the other day and she said that she just felt peaceful when she was confronted by a coworker. Its the little miracles that really count. Its seriously amazing.

About my dreams...Haha I actually gave Elder F that suggestion to keep a journal at the beginning of the transfer, and he's kept a dream journal as well!

And yep, we know all about comfortability out here. when you get comfortable, you get transfered, but we will see what the Lord has in store! I'll go where He wants me to go!

So this weeks email is shorter. I'll send home a letter when i get time. I'm sorry but hopefully I get everything to you soon!

I love you all, and I'm glad you are all doing so well!
-Elder Dex Armstrong

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