Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 4 - Email Home


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Thats so crazy! 19 years?!! You guys are way too young to be married for that long;).
So this week has been busy! But I swear I wrote you guys a letter..... I don't know what happened to it... maybe it got lost in the mail? Maybe the mailman has never picked it up? I really dont know. Kel didn't get hers either...:( Sorry guys. I did write...
So on Tuesday, I had my first official exchange! (Its pretty much a swap of missionaries and a sleep over). So Elder T is our District Leader, (his comps are Elder G and M) and he wanted to exchange Elder M for me. So I went to their area, and Elder M came to our area with Elder F. It was quite the adventure! I got to see what it was like to be in a tri-panionship! I went tracting with them, but we didn't have any success. But overall it was a good experience! I made German Pancakes for them in the morning to show my appreciation! At about 2 on Wednesday, I came back to Ashburn, which was nice!
We met with D on Wednesday night! He was doing really well! We talked about Joseph Smith, Eternal Marriage/Families, and the differences and similarities that we have with other religions! He wanted to feed us (we were forgotten by Sister S, who brought McD's later to us that night. She's so awesome! Haha) but we declined because we also had a meeting with S that night. So he gave us some of his Mahi Mahi (its kinda like a dolphin) to cook at home! He's such an awesome guy, I just wish he wasnt so busy with work.

We rushed over from D's to S's and were running about 10 minutes late. S never showed up, because of a miscommunication between S and Sister A (the lady who is good friends with S). So we just taught Sister A a spiritual message about Scripture Reading because of some concerns she's had. But It was good overall. We were just bummed about S.
Aw, I'm sorry about Sister Daughtery. She was awesome. She is a wonderful example of what we should all strive to be. She definitely will be on the right hand of God.
Man, Tayla passed her learners test? I'm kinda amazed.... not because she isn't smart... but because I've seen her drive.... Haha!!!!!!!!!!! Good job Tayla!
They don't get along? Man, I would have thought Pixie and Rudy would have made a great pair! But thats okay. How about Pixie and Truck? Do they get along?
I really loved all of the photos in dropbox. Tell Tayla that she should wear that Halloween outfit everyday of her life. She wont have any troubles with boys if she does. Haha!
So on Thursday we got the opportunity to watch two movies!!!!!! We watch Monsters University and Emperors New Groove!!!!!! I forgot how much I loved that show. You know you are a missionary when you watch a movie, and you make missionary analogies out of it (ex: "He just left his companion!" and "Hey that sounds like comp inventory!") haha. It was happening throughout both movies!
Since we didn't get to meet with S on Wednesday we ran past her house yesterday. We ended up talking to her for an hour and 20 minutes which was good! She hates being the leader of her house, she misses having a husband. We are doing our best though. We pray for her quite often.
So Elder C says hello! I was with him on Friday, and he says that you are the best trek grandparents ever! Just to let you know that he loves you!
So I've been playing Soccer every saturday! I'm super sore after, but it reminds me a lot about Dawson. I love that kid. I miss him! Love you bro!
My shoes are awesome! Haha they'll probably last my whole mission especially if I'm on bikes or in a car!!!!:D
I am happy. I've never been this joyful or this peaceful before. The last week has been amazing. I've loved it all. The week has flown by faster than ever. I just don't want it to end. I want my whole mission to be this way.
So Elder G goes home in a few weeks. I'm really gonna miss that guy. I really respect him and he's a great example for me. He goes home on the 15th.
I love you all so much! Thank you for all the support! Know that I pray about you every night and every day!
-Elder Dex Armstrong

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