Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 15th - Letter home

Armstrong Family!

How’s it going?  I know I just wrote you a letter, but I wanted to write a letter to Mr. Beck and I don’ have his address, so I figured Tay could deliver it to him.  I felt bad so I figured that I could write you a letter as well!

So these last few days have been kinda crazy!  Elder G left on Thursday (and I wanted to cry, he was so awesome!) and he was replaced by Elder R.  Elder R has actually been in the Belmont Ridge Ward before, so it is kinda cool for the members to see him again.  This is Elder R’s last transfer as well so he will be going home soon too!  Poor Elder K who keeps getting new companions!

I got the new Piano Guys CD (a family Christmas).  It’s really good buy it has some of Steven Sharp Nelsons Christmas Album on it, So I already have a few of the songs!  It’s still a great CD thought!

Facebook has been interesting!  It’s been really neat to be able to express a gospel message each day!  Especially online!

How’s Arrow (the show)?  Have you finished the season yet?  Cause if I remember correctly, the second season is currently airing!

So as long as I’m in this ward I don’t think that you’ll have to worry about me not getting enough to eat.  We eat SO well out here.  I might actually have to start trying to loose weight J
A member dropped this off

BTW, I hit 104 miles on my odometer today!

Love you all

Elder Dex Armstrong

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