Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18 - Email

Aw man, I've realized that every week is crazy! And I love it!
So I crashed again.... haha! But this time I only skinned my leg... and I may have ripped yet another one of my slacks. Oops... Haha it doesn't hurt, but I just find it funny. We were coming back from an appointment with a part-member family, and I rode my bike into our parking lot. I hit some rocks right as I braked, and the ground might have been wet. So it was like sliding into first base! Haha I probably would be more scratched up, but I was thankfully wearing my thermals. Thank you for sending them!

So yes, today is my two-month mark! Its pretty awesome! It hasn't felt that long!
Thank you so much for taking care of Kel! Funny thing is... I actually was going to email you today to buy her some flowers and give them to her.... So I guess my vibes are good enough that they reach across the nation!
My iPod works great! We use it as our alarm every morning, and I couldn't ask for more.
Poor Dawson (he had a mechanical baby over the weekend). I'm glad he now knows the importance/duties of a parent! Haha!

I'm actually okay on the cold weather gear! The Belmont Ridge Ward has really helped us missionaries out!
I have no idea on the dentistry. If anything got bad, we would go to one, but I think we are okay on the dentist (for now).
Christmas... I'll write you a letter on that one! Cause I have no idea!
Nothing on whether we can play Christmas music in the park idea yet... but we will find out!
Alright, so I'll explain in detail what goes on with Facebook!
As of November 12th, we now have access to facebook! We were trained in Zone Training how to use it, and the restrictions we have.
How We Use It:
We get on at the library for about an hour everyday. This will change when we get iPads in the middle of December(Looking like the 11th-ish, but i'm not sure).
We are allowed to have conversations with anyone as long as it pertains to the Gospel or fulfills our purpose as missionaries.
We post spiritual messages and can link them to, or any church website. (We are encouraged to do so).
We have asked members to get involved (anywhere and everywhere) by adding us as friends and liking or sharing our posts. When people "like" or "share" their friends can see it. It spreads the word/message pretty fast!
We can have blogs, so thats nice!
If we have discussions with a non-member, a member can join the chat with us to help explain the gospel better! This especially helps if the non-member knows the member!
We had to hide all of our old photos, our books that we've read, shows that we've watched, previous statuses, etc.
We have to be careful with what we post. We cannot say "this is the official doctrine or standpoint of the church". (It just stops future problems from arising.
We can't post Preperation Day pictures. We have to be in proselyting/missionary attire.
But we are way excited!
All of our appointments canceled this last week so its been kinda slow. But we've visited a lot of members!
So as for transfers right befor Christmas, if someone does get transferred, it'll probably be Elder Falcòn. He's been in the area for awhile, and so usually the 'trainee' stays in the area. But we will see what the Lord has planned! I'd love to stay with Elder Falcòn at least until after Christmas (he's never seen snow fall). I love him, but I know the Lord knows what is the right thing for both of us.
I love you all so much! Thank you for all the support you give! I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to be out here. I've learned so much about my Savior and His Gospel. I know that it is true, without a doubt.
-Elder Dexton Armstrong

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