Saturday, October 12, 2013

A few other tidbits from Oct 7th Pday email time

I had a chance to email back and forth with Dex for a few minutes on his Pday.  Here a some scattered thoughts of what he shared:

-I'm great! I'm totally loving it out here. My companion is Elder F and he is awesome! Man, Pixie! Totally rocking that superhero costume for Halloween!
-Right now it's pouring like crazy! We went shopping and had to get a ride even though we live right across the street!
-BTW, I'm in Ashburn, VA - The number 1 richest place in America! Crazy right?!

-So my bike isn't here yet... So I'm riding a crappy replacement for the day;) lol
-So i'll explain all the little details in the email i send later, but
I am sleeping better. We watched conference at members homes except
for the Saturday evening and priesthood session. We saw those at the
stake center that is only a block away. The first night here we stayed
at President Riggs house. It was awesome! We haven't actually tracted
yet. We've visted people who we felt we needed to, but no serious
tracting. The apartment is nice! I really like it! It's small but
still spacious!

-Well we are going to a place called, "Carolina Brothers" for lunch.
It's a barbeque place and missionaries eat for free! I'm way excited.

-We get fed a ton out here. Lunch and dinner were provided during

-Yeah! I saw elder capt! He's awesome! We took a few pics together!

-I'm doing good! Just focusing on the work makes everything better!

-Packages are right to our door! So my apartment address works!:D  (address included on next blog post)

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