Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 9-14th - Letters home to each of the family

I keep telling JB that opening the mailbox and seeing a letter from Dexton is like winning the lottery!  I can't even imagine what a missionary feels like when he opens the mailbox and may or may not have a letter.  Gives me a renewed purpose to write a physical letter to him!

The letters below are ones that he sent each of our family.  He wrote them over a period of a few days and sent them all at the same time which is why I have such a weird date on the title.  I'll include sections of each letter for your reading enjoyment!

Mom & Dad,

Thank you so much for all you've done to get me out here and for continuing to support me!  I am really glad that I made the decision to come out and I'm really glad you helped "push" me out the door.

Thank you for also being good parents.  Good parents like you, are the kind who push their children to hard things.  Things like an Eagle, Personal Progress and a mission.  Heavenly Father did that with us and I'm glad that you guys followed His example (consciously or  not).
I've included letters to all 4 kids.  I'd prefer getting letters back from them but emails work too.  I'll prolly respond to letters faster, plus they give you a boost of energy when you get them in the mail.

I love you both so much.  I'm loosing myself in the work and I'm happy.  Of course, I miss you all. There are so many dogs out here so I really miss Pixie too.  And as annoying as he is, I miss Shash and his screeching.  Hope you haven't shot him by the time I get home :-)

But don't worry too much!  I fight through the homesickness and it gets easier every day! :-)

So I'm loving my bike.  The only problem is the odometer...which is kind of broken.  The wire got broken during the shipping.  It got twisted and pulled somehow and so now, I need the bottom bracket piece where the wire & actual odometer connect. I'm gonna try and see if I can get help out here to find it.  I love you!
Elder Dex Armstrong

-------------------------------------- Sections of the kids letters----------------------------
Cassia-Out here is crazy!  You'd really like it out here, especially for Art!  There are so many colors & trees & shapes!  There are also dogs everywhere.  Almost everyone has a dog!
Who is your favorite scripture hero?  Mine is Ammon.  He's the one who went and saved all the sheep from Lamoni's enemies.  He is awesome.  He's one of the best missionaries out there.  You can learn from his example that doing service can help people receive the gospel!
I love you so much!  Heavenly Father does too!  Set an example fro your older and younger sister and be modest!  I promise that there is blessings from that!

Aleia-How is pixie?  Are you taking good care of her for me?  I saw that she's going to be "super-dog" for Halloween!  She looks so cute!
How is church?  Are you liking it or are you bored?  Because if it's boring, make it more fun & participate more.  Answer as many questions as you can!  That's what helped me!
Maybe you could go visit the Temple grounds fro me!  That would be really cool!  I love the Temple & the spirit there.  Will you do that for me?  That would mean a lot to me.

Dawson-So from what I know, there aren't any major stores in my area with Magic cards or tournaments.  The closest thing (I think) is  a Walmart which is out of our area.
I'm learning a lot out here though!  In 3rd Nephi 11:14 I thought of something I'l like to share with you. In fact, just read the whole chapter.
In that verse it says "come forth unto me to feel my wounds".  We can't physically touch the Savior right now, bur there's a promise in that scripture. If we go unto Him and learn of Him, we will "know that [He] is the God of Israel".   I promise & I know that he is there & that He cares for you personally.

------Nicole says-I'll type Tayla's letter later.  She has it with her right now------

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