Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15th Email Home

So this week has been kinda crazy! Time has flown by!

So with the pictures thing, I'm going to end up buying a sd card reader or something like that to make it much easier to upload the pictures. (Given, I can find one). Elder K (one of my batchmates who is in my district) sends his home and has his mom send one back. It works... but It could get expensive by the end of my mission.

So with the name badges, they give you a magnetic one, and a normal slide over your pocket one. So the one on the lapel is my magnetic one. Funny story though! We went past CVS (kinda like walgreens) and got some things we couldn't get at the Giant store. When we were leaving, I looked down to find my normal slide name badge missing. We looked through the whole store without any luck... so I'm gonna have to order another one:p. Oh well!

As for S, she got her job back. (thankfully) and so she's a bit happier. Yep! We get to go on P-days and Fridays!

That reminds me! Our mission isn't an iPad mission yet, but we know we will get some soon! Every companionship will get two iPads and 1 iPhone. We will be required to spend at least an hour on Facebook/FaceTime/Skype everyday! That'll be SO hard;). (I'm kinda excited:p)

Yep, Elder F is the best!!! He's teaching me magic card tricks too!!! That's so awesome! What a coincidence!

So with the whole xbox charge thing.... that's the monthly thing I keep getting charged for and I don't know where from. Maybe you could try and contact Microsoft about it. There is a number that you'll need to call next to where the charge is online. Could you do that?

Haha! So that's where my dungeons and dragons book ended up?!!! We were wondering! I thought I chose my address to ship it out here, but I guess I didn't. I'd love for you to send it out! We'd love it for the next p-day!:D

Wahoo!!!! Arrow is the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll love it! And just in time for season 2 as well!:D Good job Pops! Way to get hooked;).

Yep, high school life is tough and fun! But keep it up Tayla!
Haha the fantastic teenage hormone stage;) Welcome to it! (Cassia)
And the matching clothes stage... Good for Aleia!:D
You and Dad seem like you are doing well! As well as the rest of the family!:D

We have a CD player in every missionary apartment, as well as a dvd player! So it's really cool!
My bike is doing well! I love it! It runs smoother than Elder F, Elder G or Elder K's bike. The only downside is that I don't have shocks so there are times where it'll get slightly bumpy. I don't mind though!

So the leaves are changing, but not as beautifully as they usually do. It's rained for the last 4ish days (almost all day every day). Crazy! So we won't experience as much change in the trees as we usually would!

So the most memorable experience that I've had this week has probably been Elder K breaking 6 chairs! Yep 6! So he and Elder G are in the new apartment, which means they need furniture. So Brother C (a member in our ward) picked up 6 free chairs and a dining table and gave them to those two. Well lets just say the legs weren't made out of the sturdiest metal and they all ended up breaking or bending beyond repair:p. The best part was he would break at least one a day! Haha it makes me laugh!

So I love you all so much. I miss you guys a ton! Just know that you are in my prayers each and every day!

Elder Dex Armstrong

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