Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 21 Email with another picture!

This week has had a lot of ups and downs, and overall its been a really hard week.

The $160 for the luggage made me pretty mad. I told you that I was one bag was overweight by 6 lbs. The other bag was under by 2. Generally the luggage only costs $60, but because the bag was over 50 lbs, they charged me an extra $100 bucks. Its a huge rip off.

I'm going to return a camera cord that I got. I don't have a usb cord for the camera, so I've had to use Elder F. I bought one that was supposed to work from CVS but I'm going to have to return it because it doesn't work with the computers here. I'm trying to limit my expenses.

So last Monday, I got really homesick after emailing you guys. We went and played zone sports, and that really helped. I felt better that night.

Tuesday and Wednesday flew by! And yes, "G" was awesome! Funny story is that the next day,(wed) we found a turtle! He was in the middle of the road and had almost gotten ran over by a passing vehicle. So we named him "Speedy" because he obviously thought himself as a car. So we picked him up and moved him to the grass. We don't know where he went, but he's out there somewhere!

Thursday was where the week went downhill. I crashed on some grass when I avoided a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk. He was walking toward me, and so I went on the grass so that I wouldn't be a bother to him. I must have hit the grass wrong or something, because I ended up face first in the grass. I got up and didn't have any pain and I rode off. Later that night, I realized something was off. My back and neck are hurting again! In the exact same places as prior to my mission. So I'm going to talk to President Riggs and see what he says.

I'm also not sleeping very well. The back problems have made it worse, because I cant seem to get comfortable. So I've been taking those sleep aid pills, and they'll get me to sleep, but I wake up several times a night. So those two are the major concerns I have.
I've also been thinking a lot about why I'm out here. And to be honest, I'm struggling. Not with homesickness (as much as I miss you guys) but with just if this is the right thing for me to be doing. It's complicated. But I'm going to talk to President Riggs for advice. I want to return as an honorable missionary.

So on Saturday, we went to the S family for a birthday party for J (their daughter). She just recently returned from London, so it was kinda cool. A recently RM, who is friends with J, is the one who took our picture and sent it to you! It was really awesome.

Yesterday, there was a musical fireside presented by the H Couple. They are really into theatre and singing, and they are moving out of the ward. So they did this amazing musical fireside, just the two of them. Sister H pretty much reminds me of an older version of Abbey!

Dawson better keep up with both his school work and soccer! By the way, I played Soccer with some young single adults on saturday! Man it was crazy fun! I hurt my back more though:p.

You got a hot tub without me huh?! How dare you! Just kidding! Haha that's awesome! Hopefully you get some more rentals!

Elder F is doing pretty well! He and I still get along swimmingly!
Elder G and Elder K are still the humor in our lives! Those two crack us up! Man, next week, I'll try and post those videos that I took!

Love you all!
-Elder Armstrong!

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