Saturday, October 12, 2013

Letter - Received October 11

I'm going to type this one up even thought its a handwritten letter.  This way Its easier for everyone to read.  I can tell he is a great missionary who is trying to keep us updated on all things. -Nicole


So I didn't get to actually upload many pictures to dropbox.  My camera is stupid and will only let me upload on at a time, at least through the Library Computers.

Let me tell you about the people here!

The S Family-They moved here from England.  A great family.  The parents are about mid 40's-50's.  They have 4 kids. J, J ,P and J.  Sister S is the meal coordinator for us missionaries in the Belmont Ridge Ward.

The D family-They let us come and eat breakfast and watch conference Sunday morning.  They have 5 kids.

Bishop L-Bishop of the Belmont Ridge Ward! What a great guy!  We met with him on Friday night to introduce Elder K and I.

Brother W-He's our Ward mission leader.  He's who we call when it's absolutely pouring outside! (even though we only needed a ride across the street)

"Giants" - Its a store like Smith's.  We don't have a Walmart in our area, so we make due with what we have.  You'd think the richest area of the US would have a Walmart.

R-(We don't know his last name).  What we do know is that he's a science major in College now. He has had and loved a ton of Theology questions, so he's the one who asked us if we got paid to be out here.

Sisters E & L-They are one pair of the sister missionaries in our stake.  They serve in the Singles Ward. Sister E was one of those in the other district that came from the MTC with me.

President Matt Riggs & Sister Dawna Riggs-Our mission president(s).  Their children are musically talented & like to play the cello violin & piano.  Their family has been here anywhere from 6 months-1year I believe. Their old house is right next the Gilbert temple.  President Riggs is a lawyer and owns several offices throughout Arizona.

Elder F-This is my Comp! He's awesome!  His favorite color is blue (Wink, Wink).  And he's a xbox nerd like me.  He's shorter than I am but is very persistent.  He & elder G were comps who got separated but they are still best friends.  He's from California

Elder G & K-Elder K is one of my "batchmates".  He came out with me from the MTC.  He is from Circleville, UT. Elder G is an awesome guy.  He's only here for 5 more weeks & then he goes home.  He doesn't want to leave.  He's an inspiration to me.  He's from Sandy, UT.

President Wenn-My MTC branch [resident.  This guy is 45-5- years old & is probably about 4'6.  He served in the Washington DC Mission (it hadn't been split yet).  I wouldn't be surprised if he became an apostle.

The W family-a family that let us watch conference at their house Sat Morning and Sunday Afternoon.  There is 3 of them  Bro and Sis W and their son J.  Great family!

So we found out that 800,000 people are out of jobs right now because of the whole government issue.  Crazy, right?  Oh my gosh!

SC- Our only progressing investigator.  I met her on Thursday night.  She went through a divorce and now is really depressed.  She had a baptismal date but it fell through.  She also has issues with coffee & with faith.  She's really trying though cause she watched all 4 sessions of General Conference and did it at her own home too!

I am sleeping better out here so it's been better!  I'm also not as homesick.

So I had a neat experience.  On the flight home I began to get sick as the plane descended.  I kept praying & praying that I wouldn't throw up.  The sister next to me, Sister A, said "Stay strong, Elder Armstrong, we are almost done."  As soon as we hit/landed on the runway, I lost it.  But right before it came up, suddenly it was gone.  I was sweating. shaking, and clammy, but there were no feeling of sickness.  I know The Lord helped me.  

In spite of being helped, can you come pick me up in two years?  I don't want to have to deal with that again.

Well, I really love you all.  I pray for you guys every morning and every night.  The Lord really cares for each & every one of you!

Elder Dex Armstrong

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  1. Nicole, had Dex always had issues with flying? I had no idea. Poor kid. He sounds enthusiastic and excited! thanks for sharing a little glimpse into his mission life. He is going to learn and grow so much!! And what a difference he will make to the people that meet him and he is able to teach! I bet the ward already loves him. ♥♥♥