Saturday, October 12, 2013

First Week in the Mission Field

Oct 7th Monday

So I got here on Wed, and was taken to the mission president's home! We stayed there for a night and he interviewed us all. We got up in the morning, headed over to the stake center in Centreville and were able to meet our new comps! I got an awesome comp! His name is Elder F and we get along better than ever! I already love the guy to death. We love lots of things together! We live in apartments that are awesome! There are two other Elders who live in the Apartment Complex. Those Elders are Elder G and Elder K (He's new too). Elder G and Elder F used to be comps together and then President split them apart and put them with us. They are best friends! I hop me and Elder F can become like that! 

When we got our comps we went back and got ready for our appointment at 7. Her name is SC. She is our only progressing investigator right now, but that's okay. She is really struggling with having faith and being happy. So we are trying to help her. 

Conference was awesome!! We were invited over for 3 of the 4 sessions. Saturday night and the Priesthood session were watched at the stake center. The families here are extremely nice. We get fed more than we ought to. But it's really awesome. 

So this is the #1 richest place in the US. Our ward/stake is the #1 smallest in geographical area. That's crazy right? 

I am glad that Dawson has been kicking butt! Keep it up dude! I really am having a blast out here! There are so many cool families and the atmosphere of everything is awesome. 

We had a kid ask us if we got paid after eating lunch at McD's on Friday. His name is R and because of that question we got to talk to him! So hopefully he takes the bait and starts taking lessons! 

Hey, could you send me some recipes? Also I would prefer the German Pancake Recipe and the Crepe recipe!

That's about it! Love you guys so much!!I'll email next monday! (or tuesday if we go to the temple)
Elder Armstrong!

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