Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28 - Email

Alright, This week has been awesome, but at the same time, slow!

Monday was the day where we decided to make a Christmas tree out of vanilla coke cans... I think we will need like 200+ cans... Not the smartest decision but it makes life fun;).

Tuesday we were able to meet with President Riggs for Interviews. He interviewed the entire zone one at a time giving us 15 minutes each. That guy is awesome. He truly is inspired of God.

We were told that we get iPads and iPhones by December! I'm way excited for that! Also we will be using facebook pretty soon as well! So I'm pretty stoked!

Tuesday night we ate with the A Family, and guess what we ate? CAFE RIO!!!!!!! There isn't one in our area, so I was pretty bummed. But then we got a call from the A family and they asked what we wanted from there. It's probably the best food I've had so far!

Wednesday wasn't too spectacular other than the fact that me and Elder F opened up to each other. We told each other a lot about our childhoods and things we went through and relationships and stuff like that. It is pretty awesome.

Thursday we went to the chiropractor and it was the exact same as home, except the guy out here was pretty awesome! He asked about how we get selected and the area we get sent to. So we told him that we got sent here by inspiration. Its pretty awesome!:D

S wasn't available to meet so she canceled our appointment. We were pretty bummed about that too!

Elder F also told me today something pretty funny! "We would like to sustain Elder Dexton J. Armstrong, President of the Quorum of the Twelve. and Sister Kellie W. Armstrong, President of the Relief Society" He then raised his right arm to the square.... I told him he was thinking too far into the future, and that I probably wont get there. He just laughed at me!

Friday was good! The Belmont Ridge Ward had their "Fall Festival"/Trunk or Treat. All 4 missionaries had to be the judges of the chili cook-off. There were 15 entries and two of them were just like Gma B's chili. So I put them as first and second.

I also received the package on Friday, and it literally made my week 1000 times better!

Saturday was pretty slow and non-eventful

Sunday was spiritually awesome! It was just great all around!

Halloween we go to the church with the zone and watch movies approved by the Mission President. We are going to watch Despicible me 2 and Monsters University.

Oooo! I would love Christmas Sheet Music! Thats a great idea.

I will share more about the technology as it comes about.

Less-actives (aka inactives) are just as important as non-members. Keep working with them!

Andaline Facer got called to Boise?! Holy Crap! Thats almost as bad as Provo... haha but its a great mission!

Jeff's package was awesome! The cookies were wonderful!

Love my luggage. Could never have gotten them better!

We are teaching D, S, and kind of the O family. I wish I had more time, but I'll answer some of the questions in the letter home! Love you!

Elder Dex Armstrong!

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